[UPDATE] Rom AOSIP DerpFest Redmi 4X Terbaru!

Aosip derpfest rom

Kreatifitas dari developers Bikram_M dalam melakukan modifikasi Android seakan tak ada habisnya. Setelah beberapa waktu yang lalu beliau berbagi custom rom Pixel Experience Plus Edition untuk Redmi 4X. Hari ini beliau melakulan update custom rom terbaru lagi yaitu rom AOSIP DerpFest.

Custom rom AOSIP DerpFest merupakan rom berbasis AOSP Android Pie yang telah dimodifikasi guna memberikan pengalaman pengguna dan cirikhasnya tersendiri. Bisa dibilang, AOSIP DerpFest merupakan penerus dari rom AOSIP Pizza yang lebih dulu hadir.

Seperti custom rom Redmi 4X pada umumnya. Rom AOSIP menjanjikan rom yang stabil, bug less (nggak ada bug), baterai irit serta performa yang ngacir. AOSIP DerpFest bisa dijadikan pilihan yang tepat buat yang sudah bosan dengan rom base MIUI yang masih menggunakan OS Nougat.

Rom AOSIP DerpFest juga bisa dipasang GCam Pixel 3 dan metode rootnya juga sangat mudah.

[UPDATE] Rom AOSIP DerpFest Redmi 4X Terbaru!

New Aosip DerpFest Weekly Update For Santoni By @Bikram_M
Changelog :
- Android Pie Non - Trebel!
- Fixed Google Markup FC when using it along with Longshot
- Granted more permissions for Google Apps
- Disabled wallpaper-based tint for scrim
- Added capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams
- Don't vibrate when in silent mode
- ConnectivityService: Kill some log spam
- ActivityManagerService: dont be so hectic on cpu battery stats
- core: Update default material popup animations
- core: ViewRootImpl: Stop the 'requestLayout() improperly called' logspam
- NavigationBarView: Always add shadow on home button on some cases
- core: Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
- Network Traffic: Update traffic arrow icon
- SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
- Less boring heads up option: always show alarm clock headsup
- Open app when clicking on icon in App Info
- Substratum: enable FORCE_AUTHORIZE_SUBSTRATUM_PACKAGES by default
- settings: move wifi mac randomization to wifi settings
-Default Kernel: LightPhoenix
- Kernel complied with clang 9.0.6

🆕 Android Open Source illusion Project (AOSiP)
🆚 Unofficial | Derpfest
🆔 Pie | 9.0 | Non Trebel
👤 @Bikram_M

 🆑 Changelog:
• increase TCP buffer max read thresholds
• Add power-wlan stats
• Add ThermalProfiles
• Update GPS configuration
• Enable some UX optimizations from stock
• Increase zram to 1GB
• Add max_comp_streams  
• Add built-in mic to primary input sources
• Update art config
• Default Kernel: LightPhoenix
• Kernel Compiled With clang 9.0.6

Update 2!!!
🔰 Android Open Source illusion Project (AOSiP) 🔰
🆔 UNOFFICIAL | 9.0 | Derpfest
👨‍💻”By @Bikram_M
🗓️ 20th October build

• Merged October security patch
• LongScreenshot improvement
• New DerpFest logo
• Merged "LA.UM.7.6.r1-06400-89xx.0"
• Added the BFQ-v7r8 I/O scheduler
• Added autocut_charger feature
• Compiled kernel with latest Clang 9.0.8
• Default kernel is InDomiNus by @hemantbeast

Update 3!!!
📌 DerpFest
- Author: @Bikram_M
- Version: Official | Treble
- Android version: Android 10 (Q)
- Build date: 6th August 2020

• Introduce Moto Dolby v3 (thank's @amandwivedi0)
• update data-ipa-cfg-mgr from LA.UM.8.6.2.r1-07800-89xx.0
• Switch fingerprint to walleye (Fixed CTS Pass)
• Limit hotspot to 12 devices 
• wifi: set beacon missed count threshold 
• IMS: Filter out the conference host in the CEP
• Enable QPower and Deep sleep at the same time 
• Enabled Higher fling velocities for smoother scrolling and better responsiveness
• Overlay: Show DocumentsUI internal storage by default 
• Change cpu set for camera daemon
• Kernel: Upstreamed to 4.9.232
• Compiled kernel Proton-Clang  20200801

⚠️ Notes:
• Keep a backup of EFS and Persist.
• If You flash custom kernel and face Auto Reboot issue then just restore your EFS backup. 

• Build Type: VANILLA
- File Size: 765 MB

• Build Type: GAPPS
- File Size: 1.27 GB

AOSIP Derpfest Redmi 4X

Rom AOSIP Redmi 4X

Screenshot AOSIP Redmi 4X

Cara Instal rom AOSIP DerpFest Santoni

  1. Download semua bahan dibawah sesuai build yang akan dipakai (Android 9 atau 10)
  2. Masuk ke mode TWRP.
  3. Backup.
  4. Wipe > Advance Wipe > Data, System, Cache, Dalvik Cache.
  5. Flash rom.
  6. Flash Gapps (Opsional).
  7. Reboot System.
  8. Done & Enjoy!

Catatan : Rom yang sudah include Gapps tidak perlu install Gapps.

Download File AOSiP Android Pie (9)

Download File AOSiP Android Q (10)

Catatan : Pilih salah satu, mau yang sudah include Gapps atau Non Gapps. Keduanya memiliki performa yang sama jadi tinggal download sesuai kebutuhan dan quota.

Source : XDA

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