Bootleggers V5.1 Unshishufied Redmi Note 4 | Mido


🔰 Bootleggers V5.1 Unshishufied🔰

👨‍🦰 By: rohith_99

📱 Redmi Note 4/4x aka mido

📆 Build Date: 07 August 2020

Android 10 | Super Stabe


- Added Xiaomiparts

-Kernel version- 3.18

-fixed some denials

-added audiosphere blobs

-updated ril permissions from latest caf tag

-updated graphics and camera firmware from daisy

-Updated carrier config overlays from tissot

-some under the hood optimisations

 Download | Support 


How to install?

Same as other custom rom for redmi note 4


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Pentol Chan 🥰
Pentol Chan 🥰 Belom bootloop belom ganteng 🍻

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